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AGRIFLOR 2016, the perfect trade show!

Quito, Thursday October 13, 2016. AGRIFLOR 2016 ended last week with a result that could be described best as “The Perfect Trade Fair”. Although there are always things to be improved (a perfect trade fair does not exist, just as a blue colored rose), this year’s edition of AGRIFLOR came close, very close to Total Perfection. It was a trade show exactly as a trade show should be.

First of all the down town location of the exhibition was warmly welcomed by literally all visitors and exhibitors. As if a big burden fell of everybody’s back, after having to go for years to the former venue that was located an hour away from the city center, everybody felt relieved and freed to be able to leave for a while during show hours. Not because the need was there, but just the idea that one could leave for a break, to go for example to the hotel if one wanted, was giving everybody a feeling of independency.

Secondly, the size of the show was such that it allowed everybody to have an overview in one glimpse, without losing the idea of being in a complete show with all new varieties on display that the Ecuadorian flower industry has to offer. The 2nd floor enabled everybody to get a helicopter view of the fair.

The atmosphere in the Hall was of a composition which created an unique ambiance that one could rarely experience. Almost 150 exhibitors from Ecuador and 17 other countries on 5.500 m2’s exhibit space, offered to over 1.000 international flower buyers a complete picture of what can be sourced in the market at this moment. Especially cut roses but also many other types of fresh cut flowers were put on display for the international flower buyers that visited this 3 day lasting trade show in Quito, Ecuador.


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