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AGRIFLOR 2018 presenting long time existing, but first time exhibiting flower growers!

Quito, Wednesday August 8, 2018. Next month AGRIFLOR will be opening its doors for the 17th time since 1992, when Ecuadorian growers could exhibit for the first time in a trade show in their own country. This year it feels like a “déjà vu”, since a large number of Ecuadorian flower growers are going to exhibit again for the first time. Over 75 producers that already grow flowers since a long time but have never exhibited before, are now taking the step to do so, many of them looking to start doing direct business with international flower buyers of their Ecuadorian grown flowers.

“A unique and amazing result to have ‘found’ so many flower growers in Ecuador that never participated before in an exhibition”, says organizer Dick van Raamsdonk of the well-established AGRIFLOR, a flower trade show that van Raamsdonk set up 27 years ago and which contributes greatly to the strong position that the Ecuadorian flower industry is holding today in the international flower trade.

“It is like starting all over again, but then in a high gear”, he said. Within one year HPP managed to do a full remake of the exhibition, by searching existing but non exporting flower growers that never exhibited before, but very eager to start doing that now. It will be the highlight for international flower buyers in this year’s edition of AGRIFLOR to source flowers from new exhibiting growers. It is like “tapping wine from a new barrel”. Although also traditional existing exporting growers will exhibit as always, the majority of the exhibiting growers this year will be “first timers”.

The +/- 75 exhibiting growers, out of a total number of 135+ exhibitors, will display their best varieties in the downtown located El Centro Exposiciones de Quito and are excited to meet with the international buyers that they have always heard about but never met. The main goal of this year’s AGRIFLOR is to promote More exports by More growers leading to More production.


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Wednesday Sept. 19, 2018
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Friday Sept. 21, 2018
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