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The International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX)

Three years after its colourful launch in Nairobi, The International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) has made history not only as the fastest growing flower growers trade show in the 30-year history the flower industry exhibitions organized by HPP, but also has grown into a new ‘variety’, being the only flower growers event that has attracted growers from other continents to exhibit their flowers.

According to show organizer and HPP president Dick Van Raamsdonk, IFTEX 2014, has given the Kenya flower industry a different face, with renewed attention from all over the world especially from buyers, who are travelling to Nairobi to see flowers from all over the world under one roof in Africa. Two months before the show, it is already full and the organizers have had to create additional space to accommodate the increasing number of exhibitors.

IFTEX has become one of the most important flower growers show in the world, despite its being the youngest kid on the bloc. Currently, IFTEX is sharing a table with other international exhibitions which include among others Florecuador-Agriflor (Quito, Ecuador), Proflora (Bogota, Colombia), Hortiflora Expo ( Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), and the International Floriculture Trade Fair (Vijfhuizen, Holland), with its phenomenal growth surprising the organizers.

The biggest representation in the show will be the Kenyan flower growers, but growers from other flower producing nations will present their products during this exciting international flower trade event. Growers from Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania and other important flower producing countries such as Ecuador and Colombia, will also be showcasing their products at the Visa Shree Oshwal Center in Nairobi come June 4 to 6, 2014.

HPP also reports a strong growing number of pre-registered buyers compared to 2013, as well as a considerable growth in the diversity of the countries where the visitors come from. The increasing number of international flower buyers from Europe, especially from Holland, Germany, France, and UK, but as well as Japan, Russia and various other Eastern European as well as Middle Eastern and non European countries is surprising and indicates a strong interest from buyers to get more directly involved with suppliers from the key growing regions.

The growing internationalization of this event has made it more of a continental focal point for flower producers in Africa. The show is expected to meet the international participation goal by 2016, and has grown into a top Kenya flowers brand, strengthening the country’s position as a leader in global markets, while enhancing the image of Nairobi as the home from where 40 per cent of the flowers sold in Europe originate. IFTEX has come at the right time for the Kenya flower industry that is now in the now in the process of market consolidation and retention by positioning its flowers as responsibly grown, and that picture can only be seen at a show of an international magnitude. The show has been promoted heavily in the US and Russia where Kenya is trying to attract a new crop of buyers with a steadily rising sales. A significant number of buyers are coming from this market as they seek fresh selections from Africa. Eastern European buyers - Japan, Russia and the Middle East are coming in droves to see flowers from their traditional suppliers - Colombia, Ecuador and Ethiopia in Nairobi.

During the last two editions that IFTEX has featured in Kenya it made significant strides to make it the biggest flower show on the African Continent and among the best across the globe. That has been achieved, two years earlier,
as it is now globally known that Nairobi has a must-attend flower show.

This fact saw the second edition of the show exhibitors and visitors base grow by between 20 and 30 percent annually.

The show brings together flower buyers, growers, breeders, and suppliers of inputs and services across the industry value chain.

Source: Hortinews.




Nairobi, Wednesday June 12. Last week’s held IFTEX Expo Kenya 2013 successfully closed its doors after a very busy week of networking between Kenyan flower growers and international flower buyers. According to exhibitors and attendees the event was one of the best of its kind in history. Besides the presence of the biggest and most important Russian and Ukrainian flower buyers at the fair, buyers from more than 25 other countries travelled to Nairobi sourcing fresh cut flowers. Among some of the countries being represented were Australia, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Holland and even the USA. The trade fair was official opened by the minister for Agriculture of the newly installed Kenyan government, Mr. Felix Keiskoo, who stressed in his opening speech to continue the commitment of the new government to support the Kenyan horticultural industry in its production and exports.

Especially the superb quality of the exhibited flowers were the talk of the show. Both exhibitors and visitors were very impressed by the Kenyan flowers that were brought from the farms to the exhibition. Besides the abundant displays of roses, many other type of flowers were showed, such as various gypsophila varieties of Danziger (earning 3 different prices in the various quality competitions of being best breeder as well as best grower), Solidago, Callas, Alstroemeria, Lilium, statice, Agaphantus, hypericum and many more.

The trade fair positioned itself already not only as a regional event but as well as a continental fair, since also growers from other African countries exhibited in this second edition. Growers from Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and even Rwanda were present with flowers produced in their own countries and imported into Kenya especially for the event. The organizers announced during the opening ceremony that this will be a further focus point for the next edition. Especially more flower growers of surrounding countries will be attracted to join the fair in 2014.

Results of the various quality competitions:

Best Breeder Quality Competition:

  • Bronze for Nirp East Africa with the rose “Dreamliner”.
  • Silver for Danziger with solidago “Golden Glory”.
  • Gold for Continental Breeding with the rose “Pegasus”.
  • Platinum for Danziger with gypsophila ”XLence”.

Best Grower Quality Competition in the category roses:

  • Bronze for Red Ice/Eye Spy/One and Only with the standard rose “Downtown”.
  • Silver for Harvest Limited with the spray rose “Fireworks”.
  • Gold for Zenaroses with the spray rose “Fireworks”.
  • Platinum for Uhuru Flowers with the standard rose “Farfalla”.

Best Grower Quality Competition in the category other cut flowers:

  • Bronze for Beauty Line Limited with solidago “Solid Beauty”.
  • Silver for Trodding Africa Limited with agaphantus “Blue”.
  • Gold for Sian Agriflora (Sian Roses) with calla “Majectic Red”.
  • Platinum for Oserian Development Company with statice “Purple Statice”.

IFTEX will take place again next year in June 2014 in the Shree Visa Oshwal Community Center from Wedneday June 4 to Friday June 6, 2014.




The Kenya Flower Council (KFC) in collaboration with the Union Fleurs (UF) and the Flower Sustainability Initiative (FSI) cordially invite you to an international Flower Industry Conference scheduled to take place on 6th, June 2013 from 8.30 a.m. to 01.00 p.m. at the Visa Oshwal Centre, Wetlands, Nairobi, Kenya.

The Conference will focus on sustainability as a means of enhancing productivity, at a time when growth in international demand for flowers has been projected at 5% against exacting consumer requirements for product quality and demonstration of due diligence to environmental stewardship and social accountability.

In this regard, as the international flower trade players gather during the International Flower Trade Exhibition (IFTEX) in Nairobi from the 5th -7th June 2013, the industry would like to share some of the ongoing initiatives, at the supply side as well as the market end of the value chain, to address some of the challenges and opportunities posed by an expanding and increasingly discerning international trade.

We look forward to your participation and contribution to the development of a sustainable industry at the global level. Please contact KFC on kfc@wananchi.com or +254-20-2679268 or +254-20-2043077 or Sylvie Mamias at: secgen@unionfleurs.org to confirm your participation.




Nairobi, Thursday April 26 2013. The official launch of the international flower trade expo IFTEX, which will be held in Kenya next month, took place yesterday in the Jacaranda hotel in Westlands Nairobi. Horticultural Crops development Authority MD Alfred Serem, Kenya Flower Council CEO Jane Ngige and HPP Exhibitions President Dick van Raamsdonk briefed the press on this year’s second edition of IFTEX.

In just 2 years time Kenya’s flower industry managed to build up a major flower trade fair and giving it even a regional fucntion by adding as well neighbouring flower producing farms from countries such as Uganda and Ethiopia. By doing so the fair is rapidly managing to position itself as a prime sourcing place, where buyers from all over the world can see and buy flowers, speak face to face with its growers and visit the farms where the flower are actually being produced. This switch to actively promoting Kenyan flowers exports, the industry has put itself to the next level; from being a conservative flower producer selling through fixed channels, to becoming a progressive flower producer exporting to numerous importers from all over the world.

This year’s second edition of the trade fair will already be able to offer a complete overview of the current status of Kenyan flowers available for exports, since almost all, if not all, flower farms will be present. The ideal opportunity for any international flower buyer to attend this June and source any Kenyan flowers needed for 2014 and even for the remainder of 2013. Being able to see, talk & buy in one place in just 3 days is really unique and never shown before in Kenya’s floricultural history. And this is precisely the strenght, importance and goal of this international targeted flower trade fair!



Dutch Trade Mission Horticulture & Energy – June 1th until June 4th, 2013

Green Farming will be organizing a Horticulture Trade Mission to Kenya for Dutch horticulture suppliers and other parties active in the sector. The program is scheduled for Saturday June 1st till Tuesday June 4th 2013.

Green Farming is organizing this trade mission for Dutch entrepreneurs interested in exploring technological and commercial opportunities, enlarging their insight in the Kenyan sector and meeting potential business partners.

During the mission program the Green Farming theme ‘Climate and energy management’ will be addressed. Energy prices have strongly risen in Kenya over the past years. Producers are therefore increasingly interested in making savings in energy costs, in investing in energy efficient systems and making use of alternative energy sources. The climatic conditions of the past period have also made producers considering making improvements in their greenhouse climate management. Besides learning more about the current situation in the Kenyan sector, attention will thus be paid to the topics of climate and energy management during the program.

In addition to the mission program, an optional group visit to IFTEX is planned for non-exhibitors on Wednesday June 5th.

Costs for participation are 250 EURO for Green Farming members and 500 EURO for non-members. Travel and accommodation costs are for the participant’s own expenses. Participants of the trade mission also qualify for the Discount Fare offered by Kenya Airways when flying in on May 31st.

For more information and subscription, please contact info@greenfarming.nl or visit http://www.greenfarming.nl/nl/all_events to find the subscription form.




Farm visit June 4, 2013

  • Farm visit to 4 farms (2 small, 2 large along Nairobi - Naivasha route
    The cost includes car hire and lunch - €60 per person

Safari Masai Mara (2 days - Full board) June 8-9, 2013

  • Day 1:
    - Drive to Mara game reserve
    - Afternoon game drive
    - Stay at Sarova Mara
    - Game Camp / Masai Mara Sopa Lodge - Full Board
  • Day 2:
    - Game drive
    - Late afternoon drive to Nairobi, sleep overnight*
    - Transfer to the airport for your outbound flight
    (*the overnight in Nairobi will be at your own cost)

    The cost for the 2 day safari € 277.50 per day per person.

All participants are encouraged to attend the farm visit since it a learning activity in support of the EXPO.

More information about this offer can be obtained by filling our this form or contacting:

Mrs. Jeruto Chepkwony (Ticket concession and safari offer)
Trade & Tourism
Embassy of the Republic of Kenya

Contact Address:
N.W. Parklaan 21
2597 LA The Hague
The Netherlands

Mobile: +31-6-41402703
Email: chepkwony@kenyanembassy-nl.com


Embassy of Kenya, Brussels (Farm Visits)
Charity Mariene
Agriculture Counselor
Email: marienect@kenyabrussels.com
Cell phone: +32-483145639




Nairobi, Wednesday, January 30, 2013. IFTEX Expo Kenya in its second edition is heading again for a “sold out” shortly. For this reason it has been decided to enlarge the size of the fast growing Kenyan based African flower growers trade expo. The exhibition, planned to be held from Wednesday June 5 to Friday June 7, was facing a waiting list and therefore it was necesary to search for additional exhibition space.

With the now available additional 50% space on the lower floor level of the prestigeous Oshwal Centre in Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya, the organizers hope to meet the strong growing demand for stand space. As of this year also growers from other African countries will be invited, following the strategy to build this fair into the regional flower growers trade exhibition of Africa. South Africa will be the first nation that has accepted the invite and will hook on to with a national South African pavilion.

With almost 100 companies having signed up already, it is expected that the point of extention will be reached shortly after Valentines. Buyers are expected to visit this year from literally all over the world. The importance of Kenyan flowers in the world floriculture industry not only guarantees the diversity of countries from where attending buyers will come from, but the quantity and quality of them as well.



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 Wednesday June 4, 2014
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 Thursday June 5, 2014
 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
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 Friday June 6, 2014
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