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Nairobi, Thursday June 12, Three years after its colourful launch in Nairobi, IFTEX is arguably heading to become one of the leading flower trade shows in the world. The event has marked a new record as the fastest growing event in the history of international flower trade fairs, attracting flower growers from even other continents to exhibit.

"It is like a tornado, the show has a fresh face at every turn, there is no telling where it is heading but what is clear, is its phenomenal growth towards a world class trade exhibition", says Jasper van Dijk, spokesman of the organizers of the fair. A total of 187 exhibitors exhibited last week and 3,231 visitors attended the 3 day show. 54 different countries were counted "at the door", a great achievement in the mission of bringing the world to source flowers in the country where they are grown.

The Best Grower & Best Breeder Quality Competitions were held this year under the supervision of the well known Dutch juror Gerard de Wagt, who was impressed by the quality of flowers that were brought in for this year’s competitions. A jury of 4 persons came to the following results:

Best Breeder Competition:

Company Preesman Kenya
Category Roses
Variety Amina
Company Select Breeding
Category Roses
Variety Queen of Africa
Company Terra Nigra
Category Roses
Variety Firestar
Company Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm
Category Other cut Flowers
Variety Limonium, Safora® Lilac
Company Select Breeding
Category Other cut Flowers
Variety SunQueen


Best Growers Competition:

Company Ayana
Category Roses
Variety Tycoon
Company Golden Tulip Farms
Category Roses
Variety Fireworks
Company Ayana
Category Roses
Variety Freedom
Company Oserian Development Company Ltd.
Category Other cut Flowers
Variety Statice, Crystal Dark
Company Uhuru Flowers
Category Roses
Variety Maritim


IFTEX has given the Kenya flower industry a different face with renewed worldwide attention especially from flower buyers who travelled to Nairobi last week to seek and speak in Kenya with their suppliers. The internationalization of the fair has lead the event to grow into a top Kenya flower brand event, strengthening the country’s position as a leader in global markets while enhancing the image of Kenya as the home from where 40% of the flowers sold in Europe originate.

"IFTEX came at the right time for the Kenya flower industry, since it is now in the process of market consolidation and retention by positioning its flowers as responsibly grown and that picture can only be seen at a show in the country itself", Jane Ngige CEO of the Kenya Flower Council said.



IMPORTANT MESSAGE - Opening Ceremony will start one hour earlier!

The official opening ceremony on the occasion of IFTEX Expo 2014, wich will take place on Wednesday June 4, has been rescheduled to 09:00 am. Therefore one hour earlier than originally was planned (10:00 a.m.).

The Opening event will take place in the auditorium of the Oshwal Center. All exhibibitors and special invited guests are welcome to attend. The exhibition hours will remain as scheduled. Wednesday June 4 from 11:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., Thurday June 5 & Friday June 6 from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., For more information you can contact Jasper van Dijk, Marketing Manager, at jasper@hpp.nl.






Nairobi, Monday May 26. Pre registered attendees of the 3rd edition of IFTEX, to be held next week, have increased with 300% compared to last year’s held IFTEX. Buyers from over 40 countries have signed up to date to attend the three day flower trade event that has attracted almost 200 exhibiting companies from more 16 countries.

Just three years ago Kenya didn’t have a professional floral trade event at all and exports were done mostly either to the (Dutch) auctions or through middlemen (brokers) that dominated the export trade of most Kenyan cut flowers.
The expo changed that landscape rapidly by causing an acceleration of the development of ‘going direct’.

In just three years time IFTEX managed to bring most, if not all, growers together in one place, enabling international buyers to see Kenya’s total export potential in just three days. “An enormous promotional tool creating an even bigger export growth opportunity, a booster from here to Tokyo I dare to say”, emphasizes Dick van Raamsdonk, president of HPP Exhibitions, following IFTEX ‘s successful positioning of becoming number three on world’s list of most important flower growers trade events.

HPP recently invited Gerard de Wagt, a well known leading professional juror of international quality competitions inside and outside The Netherlands, to head IFTEX Quality Competitions this year. “Looking at the importance of this exhibition, it is a must that the quality competitions are upgraded to a higher level of judging”. “Therefore we decided to look for the best man for this job and we came to appointing Mr. de Wagt. With him we are confident in bringing this event to the next level”.

IFTEX is opening next week on Wednesday on June 4 and will last for three days. The opening ceremony’s starting time has been rescheduled from 10:00 am to 9:00 am. Opening hours will remain the same and are daily from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm. The show is a strict floral business event. Access is therefore limited to Qualified Visitors only. One can registervia www.iftex.org.



Attendee leads

During the show each exhibitor and attendee will be wearing a badge. These badges are all have a different color for each type of category and will allow you to see more easy who can be of interest for
your business. Badge categories are: Exhibitor, Flower Buyer, Flower Grower, Press, Supplier, Visitor and Exhibition Staff.

Barcode leads
Each badge has a barcode on it. This barcode is a PDF417 format and stores the information of the badge holder. By scanning the barcode with your smart phone you can ‘download’ a quick business (company name, first and last name, country & email address) card of the badge holder.

Barcode scanning apps are available free of charge at the App Store, Windows Store, Google Play or Blackberry World.

Download any app that is able to scan PDF417 barcodes, however we recommend to download the free app of ‘Manatee Works’.

You can also use a 2D handheld barcode scanner connected to your laptop that is able to read the PDF417 format.

* You do not need an internet connection to read the barcode, but you do need internet in order to download the app. To avoid possible roaming charges we recommend downloading the app before the show. Download the instructions here.





Meilland will be happy to welcome you on Stand D3.10 at IFTEX 2014 from June 4th to 6th !!
Come and see there a palette of existing and new striking varieties for your future such as :

  • BINGO® Cerise var. Meigriotti
  • BINGO® Fuego var. Meicrepeat
  • SORRAYA® var. Meiyolki

As usual visits of Meilland selection greenhouse at Penta/Thika farm can be made by appointment at one of the following
contact: Mr. Jean Dyens: +254-724-568-646 or Bruno Etavard: +33-612-042-107

We look forward to see you there !





Schreurs East Africa Ltd.

Schreurs is pleased to be part of IFTEX 2014 and we welcome you to visit our stand, number B2.01.

Amongst our stunning new varieties we will be displaying Beauty! and Countdown!

Ideally all roses would have the characteristics of Countdown! It is an easy grower with high production, a pure white colour and good resistance to disease. Our clients love the shape of the bud, its performance during transport and the consistent opening.

Beauty! is a deep lavender colour with a well-filled bud. It has good production, strong stems and beautiful green foliage. It opens perfectly, has a long vase life and is exquisite in arrangements and bouquets.




Interplant Roses (East Africa) Ltd.

We will be more than happy to show you our lovely new top varieties during IFTEX 2014! Please visit our booth no. B2.12 and discover for yourself this year's highlights such as Spritz®, Lovely Jubilee® and Lady Suzanna®. On Monday 2 June & Tuesday 3 June you are also most welcome to visit the Breeders Open Day at our facilities in Naivasha.

Our promising newcomers have been received with enthusiasm by our customers so hopefully you join them as well! Take a look at Spritz®, a smashing bright orange coloured Hybrid Tea variety. And what about Lovely Jubilee®, a beautiful bright pink Intermediate Hybrid Tea variety, highly suited for mixed bouquets as well. Finally, we would like you to meet Lady Suzanna®, this Intermediate Hybrid Tea rose with her soft cream pink colour will surely be a favourite this year! More information about these lovely varieties can be found already on our website at www.interplant.nl




Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm

Danziger "Dan" Flower Farm is happy to be part of the IFTEX 2014. We welcome you to our stand F1.12 where you can have a closer look at  our cut-flower collection.  A wide range of Cut  flowers that fits the market demands, whether you are a grower, a wholesaler or a bouquetiere we have the product you are looking for.

Among the exhibits we will present a wide range of Gypsophila varieties, from the small flower Million Stars®, through Beauty Bride™ with its medium size flower to our extra large XLence™, each is a tailor-made variety to fit the different growing conditions and diverse (different) market demands. Safora® Limonium with its well-known Safora® Dark Blue and Lilac and two brand new pink shades – Safora® Pink Whisper and Safora® Rosy Pink. Solidago Golden Glory™ and new additions to our Glory™ series. Colorful Chrysanthemum varieties, new Hypericum varieties, our unique  Scabiosa Scoop™ series and brand new Craspedia Paintball™ are just part of what you can see in our stand.

Our team is looking forward to meeting you and sharing with you our one-step-ahead varieties and novelties.




De Ruiter EA

De Ruiter will be displaying a wide range of varieties at IFTEX 2014 in stand D3.06. The assortments has something on offer for all market segments and growing conditions.

Stars of the show will be the new Ever Red®, Zadique® and Almanza®. The Ever Red® is a classic already, with superb T-hybrid characteristics in terms of head size, stem length, vase life and opening, all combined with a brilliant velvet red color. The Almanza® targets a different market for which its strong orange color, which remains on the vase, and high productivity are giving it the edge over its competitors. Then there is the spray-rose Zadique®, displaying stunning colors combined with good stem length and number of heads.

We look forward to seeing you at our stand and get your opinion of our assortment.




Olij Breeding

Olij Kenya Breeding and Spek Rozen, from a wide selection of inspiring varieties have chosen Monte Carlo and Long Island as their ‘Eye Catchers’ for the show.

Monte Carlo is a striking red velvet T-hybrid, with long stems good production and fantastic vase life make sure it’s in your selection for 2014!

Long Island is a strong intermediate cream, with good stem length, a tough flower and lots of production make sure to order your trial today. Come and check them out on our stand B1.12 or visit our showhouse on Naivasha, South Lake road.’








The International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX)

Three years after its colourful launch in Nairobi, The International Flower Trade Expo (IFTEX) has made history not only as the fastest growing flower growers trade show in the 30-year history the flower industry exhibitions organized by HPP, but also has grown into a new ‘variety’, being the only flower growers event that has attracted growers from other continents to exhibit their flowers.

According to show organizer and HPP president Dick Van Raamsdonk, IFTEX 2014, has given the Kenya flower industry a different face, with renewed attention from all over the world especially from buyers, who are travelling to Nairobi to see flowers from all over the world under one roof in Africa. Two months before the show, it is already full and the organizers have had to create additional space to accommodate the increasing number of exhibitors.

IFTEX has become one of the most important flower growers show in the world, despite its being the youngest kid on the bloc. Currently, IFTEX is sharing a table with other international exhibitions which include among others Florecuador-Agriflor (Quito, Ecuador), Proflora (Bogota, Colombia), Hortiflora Expo ( Addis Ababa, Ethiopia), and the International Floriculture Trade Fair (Vijfhuizen, Holland), with its phenomenal growth surprising the organizers.

The biggest representation in the show will be the Kenyan flower growers, but growers from other flower producing nations will present their products during this exciting international flower trade event. Growers from Ethiopia, Uganda, South Africa, Tanzania and other important flower producing countries such as Ecuador and Colombia, will also be showcasing their products at the Visa Shree Oshwal Center in Nairobi come June 4 to 6, 2014.

HPP also reports a strong growing number of pre-registered buyers compared to 2013, as well as a considerable growth in the diversity of the countries where the visitors come from. The increasing number of international flower buyers from Europe, especially from Holland, Germany, France, and UK, but as well as Japan, Russia and various other Eastern European as well as Middle Eastern and non European countries is surprising and indicates a strong interest from buyers to get more directly involved with suppliers from the key growing regions.

The growing internationalization of this event has made it more of a continental focal point for flower producers in Africa. The show is expected to meet the international participation goal by 2016, and has grown into a top Kenya flowers brand, strengthening the country’s position as a leader in global markets, while enhancing the image of Nairobi as the home from where 40 per cent of the flowers sold in Europe originate. IFTEX has come at the right time for the Kenya flower industry that is now in the now in the process of market consolidation and retention by positioning its flowers as responsibly grown, and that picture can only be seen at a show of an international magnitude. The show has been promoted heavily in the US and Russia where Kenya is trying to attract a new crop of buyers with a steadily rising sales. A significant number of buyers are coming from this market as they seek fresh selections from Africa. Eastern European buyers - Japan, Russia and the Middle East are coming in droves to see flowers from their traditional suppliers - Colombia, Ecuador and Ethiopia in Nairobi.

During the last two editions that IFTEX has featured in Kenya it made significant strides to make it the biggest flower show on the African Continent and among the best across the globe. That has been achieved, two years earlier,
as it is now globally known that Nairobi has a must-attend flower show.

This fact saw the second edition of the show exhibitors and visitors base grow by between 20 and 30 percent annually.

The show brings together flower buyers, growers, breeders, and suppliers of inputs and services across the industry value chain.

Source: Hortinews.




Nairobi, Wednesday June 12. Last week’s held IFTEX Expo Kenya 2013 successfully closed its doors after a very busy week of networking between Kenyan flower growers and international flower buyers. According to exhibitors and attendees the event was one of the best of its kind in history. Besides the presence of the biggest and most important Russian and Ukrainian flower buyers at the fair, buyers from more than 25 other countries travelled to Nairobi sourcing fresh cut flowers. Among some of the countries being represented were Australia, Kuwait, Germany, Italy, Spain, England, Ireland, Holland and even the USA. The trade fair was official opened by the minister for Agriculture of the newly installed Kenyan government, Mr. Felix Keiskoo, who stressed in his opening speech to continue the commitment of the new government to support the Kenyan horticultural industry in its production and exports.

Especially the superb quality of the exhibited flowers were the talk of the show. Both exhibitors and visitors were very impressed by the Kenyan flowers that were brought from the farms to the exhibition. Besides the abundant displays of roses, many other type of flowers were showed, such as various gypsophila varieties of Danziger (earning 3 different prices in the various quality competitions of being best breeder as well as best grower), Solidago, Callas, Alstroemeria, Lilium, statice, Agaphantus, hypericum and many more.

The trade fair positioned itself already not only as a regional event but as well as a continental fair, since also growers from other African countries exhibited in this second edition. Growers from Uganda, Tanzania, Ethiopia and even Rwanda were present with flowers produced in their own countries and imported into Kenya especially for the event. The organizers announced during the opening ceremony that this will be a further focus point for the next edition. Especially more flower growers of surrounding countries will be attracted to join the fair in 2014.

Results of the various quality competitions:

Best Breeder Quality Competition:

  • Bronze for Nirp East Africa with the rose “Dreamliner”.
  • Silver for Danziger with solidago “Golden Glory”.
  • Gold for Continental Breeding with the rose “Pegasus”.
  • Platinum for Danziger with gypsophila ”XLence”.

Best Grower Quality Competition in the category roses:

  • Bronze for Red Ice/Eye Spy/One and Only with the standard rose “Downtown”.
  • Silver for Harvest Limited with the spray rose “Fireworks”.
  • Gold for Zenaroses with the spray rose “Fireworks”.
  • Platinum for Uhuru Flowers with the standard rose “Farfalla”.

Best Grower Quality Competition in the category other cut flowers:

  • Bronze for Beauty Line Limited with solidago “Solid Beauty”.
  • Silver for Trodding Africa Limited with agaphantus “Blue”.
  • Gold for Sian Agriflora (Sian Roses) with calla “Majectic Red”.
  • Platinum for Oserian Development Company with statice “Purple Statice”.

IFTEX will take place again next year in June 2014 in the Shree Visa Oshwal Community Center from Wedneday June 4 to Friday June 6, 2014.


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Under no circumstances should you sign anything indicating you will become part of an "exhibition directory" that will list your company's products and services, if the letter is sent to you by FAIRGUIDE an/or CONSTRUCT DATA VERLAG.

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 Wednesday June 4, 2014
 09:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m.
 Official opening ceremony in the  auditorium.
 11:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
 Show hours.

 Thursday June 5, 2014
 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
 Show hours.

 Friday June 6, 2014
 10:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m.
 Show hours.

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