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In the first week of November the Netherlands will be buzzing again with “Green activities”. Two leading fairs and many companies open their doors to inspire visitors and to do business. For traders and producers from all over the world a reason to book a ticket and visit the Netherlands. At the International Floriculture and horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF) in Vijfhuizen the World of Flowers is organized. A must see for all florists, traders and producers.

IFTF World of Flowers is organized by Green Team Consultancy+ (www.greenteamconsultancy.com) for the third time in November 2016. In 2014 it started as a tribute to special flowers. Last year the Flowershop of the future was on display and this year a next step will be taken.

This year the FlowerLab (www.theflowerlab.org) will enter the World of Flowers. In here the florist can meet the Millenial. Through a visual tour information and tips are given how to seduce the younger generation (20-35 years) to buy flowers and plants. Based on three central themes, leading florists will show practical displays.

With this inspiration the visitor can meet with the florists and an array of different service companies to discuss practical solutions and when required, hire the right assistance.

Furthermore a floral competition (Wim Hazelaar Trophee) and an auditorium program complete the World of Flowers. This is all situated in one of the most complete and inspiring International Floriculture and horticulture Trade Fair (IFTF, Vijfhuizen, 2-4 November, opening hours 10:00-18:00 daily).




For the third time the World of Flowers will be organized at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. From 2nd untill 4th November 2016 this event for international florists will present inspiring demonstrations and competitions. The World of Flowers will inform about consumer behaviour and give practical solutions to florist for their day-to-day business.

Only inspiration is not enough however. Therefore the World of Flowers offers a platform where inspiration is connected to practical information. Discussing this information with the service companies, also present can help to find accessible and direct applicable solutions for their specific situation and/or ambitions.

The World of Flowers is part of IFTF. During the IFTF in november 2016 a larger number of companies will present themselves at a splendid location in Haarlemmermeer (the Netherlands). As a florist in Europe this event should not be missed!




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In early November, the IFTF trade fair took place in Vijfhuizen, The Netherlands. The exhibitors and numerous visitors could meet each other, become acquainted with product innovations and trade developments and do business. IFTF World of Flowers was a new event that was aimed specifically at florists. With nearly 700 registered florists in attendance, the expectations for the event were more than met.

Dazzling bridal show
Flowers befitting the best day of your life: that was what the first day of World of Flowers was mainly about. Expert Dutch floral designer Dini Holtrop showed all of the things that are possible with bridal work, focusing on 4 themes: winter, summer, romantic and ‘1001 nights’.

For fashion models Caroline and Roxi it was an eye-opening experience. They looked beautiful, in part thanks to the gorgeous flower arrangements they carried, and were pleasantly surprised by how kind people were at the first flower show they ever visited. In fact, countless people wanted to be in a photo with the ‘brides’.

Meanwhile, the bridal show attracted lots of spectators. Dutch florists, but also a large group of Italian colleagues, who received ‘subtitles’ in their own language. "It required a lot of preparation, explains florist Bert Kuiper, who commentated the show. We have tried to keep it ‘practical’: not just explaining to you how to make wedding arrangements, but also providing tips about how to handle the bride (your client) on this lovely, but oh so exciting, day."

Flower shop, ready for the Future
Three days of hard work went into realizing the Flower Shop of the Future, which was central to the event.

"Alongside floral arrangement, The Flower Shop of the Future is about experiences. It is the experience on offer that customers will increasingly evaluate their florist on. The supermarket’s moment has passed for now. Consumers want their senses stimulated. Beautiful images of flowers and atmospheres on a screen. A good cup of coffee or a glass of prosecco, it’s all becoming a part of it more and more."

Flower stylist Saskia Broers was working in the Flower Shop of the Future on the first day. "It was pretty crowded, a lot of photographs were made and the feedback of the visitors was quite positive overall. You get a lot of questions. Also from growers, who are looking to the florist for new ways to peddle their wares. For me, a successful day."

Plenty of interest for the stands at World of Flowers
Alongside the bridal show and the flower shop of the future, florists could find more things to their liking in the various stands of World of Flowers. The IFTF trade fair itself is already a bit of a candy store for flower lovers, but the World of Flowers stands were aimed specifically at the florist.

Chris Martens of Smithers/Oasis was satisfied. "It was regularly pretty busy. Plus at this international trade fair you speak to the right people. I talked to people from China, Saudi Arabia and Italy. Who knows, there may be new export opportunities for our products there."

Oliver Mathys of Oliver M Consulting received a fair amount of interested people at his table as well. He advises garden centres and umbrella organizations of garden centers, by looking at stores through the eyes of the consumer. "I also make German-language inspirational films which, for example, convey a message from a breeder to the consumer in language that he understands. I have been able to have some good conversations about that, as well as my other services."

Steven France of Florismart was struck by the international nature of the audience. "You speak people from all the different continents, but Dutch exporters as well. There was also an English florist, who was already registered on our webshop, but did not know all the functionality that well. He can get started with it now."

What visitors say
"We are here for the first time", says a Romanian florist couple. The exhibition is very nice. The arrangements on display are truly stunning, including those that are made in the Flower Shop of the Future. Additionally, we did not expect to see so many suppliers of base materials."

From Dubai comes an English couple, who have opened a flower shop in a supermarket there. "We are not so much looking for flowers, as for the things that surround them. New developments in refrigeration and shop decoration. We notice, now, that the trade fair focuses a bit more on flowers than on the surrounding hardware. But here at World of Flowers we spotted the kind of flower cooler that we are interested in. And we can take note of new digital and logistical capabilities, which can improve our business."

Rudi Tuinman of 2Dezign is positive about what he sees in Vijfhuizen. "Once you're inside, there instantly is a good atmosphere. It is intimate, yet there is a lot of activity. And conceptually there are, certainly also for the florist, a lot of interesting things to see."

Cymbidium grower Paul van Schie of Cy.More Flavour is one of the sponsors of World of Flowers. Cy.More Flavour is a partnership of eight cymbidium growers. "We like to take part in this because we growers can strengthen ties with the florist here. For us, the florist is incredibly important. He has to captivate his (and thus also my) clients with my product. The Flower Shop of the Future provides great leads for that. Fortunately, there are some real florists among the Millennials. You also see that spirit at World of Flowers, thankfully. The spirit of people who want to create a story with flowers. Who love the profession and are hooked on the product. People who can offer solace with the product, as well as express joy with it. Those are the people growers make flowers for. And those are the flowers with which floral designers make top-notch arrangements, which put a smile on people’s faces.

Flowers and more
Intrigued florists were constantly coming and going in the Flower Shop. But there was much more that stood out. No wonder, then, that there were a lot of visitors and that most cameras were constantly snapping photos.
Grass Roses. Wonderful arrangements were made, for example, from the so-called grass roses, a series of new, unique roses from Olij Breeding. These roses were presented in Vijfhuizen by Barendsen Aalsmeer, and received much interest.

Grass Roses are roses that grow with so much vigour that their flowers seem almost distorted. Such breeds were never used in the past, but there is a growing market for them nowadays. Because they are very decorative and special.

Catering? A small corner of the Flower Shop of the Future was reserved for people to catch a breath, in colourful, tasteful surroundings. The couch was regularly occupied. Many garden centres, particularly in the British Isles, already feature such a public place of relaxation, which brings in good money as well as extra visitors. Is there an opportunity here for the florist of tomorrow?






Vijfhuizen, Holland. The Kenya Flower Council joined hundreds of exhibitors from all over the world at the International Flower Trade Fair (IFTF) which took place at Vijfhuizen, Netherlands between 4th and 6th November, 2015. Kenya was represented by 26 exhibitors 12 of whom shared the Kenyan Pavillion at the event.

Speaking during the event the Kenya Flower Council CEO Mrs. Jane Ngige lauded the efforts made by the organisers of the hugely successful event and highlighted some of the benefits accrued from it.

“This year’s IFTF show has been exceptional. The atmosphere at this year’s fair has been very exciting and energetic. We met friends and established many new partnerships.”

The Secretary General of Union Fleurs where KFC is a member Sylvie Mamias said the following of the event, “This show has provided a platform for exhibitors to showcase what they can produce and
quality of their products especially big players like Kenya who use the event to promote their production.”

Horticulture Crop Directorate Interim Head of Directorate Mr. Zakayo Magara said that the fair provided an opportunity for countries to exhibit their best products and highlighted how Kenya is striving to achieve excellence in terms of quality to enhance and maintain its global market share.

Kenya’s Ambassador to the Netherlands Her Excellency Rose Makena welcomed the Kenyan delegation to the country. She thanked the government of the Netherlands for supporting Kenya’s floriculture industry among others. She said that the Kenya Government take the flower industry very seriously owing to its contribution to the country’s economy, employment and wealth creation.

His Excellency Johnson Weru- Kenya’s Ambassador to the Kingdom of Belgium and the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg welcomed the presence of Kenya’s exhibitors at the International event and hoped that it will be even better in the coming years. He advised the stakeholders from Kenya to coalesce under a national pavilion for effect and to register strong presence.

The Director of Credible Blooms Limited Mr. Eliud Njenga said that the fair provided him with an opportunity to discuss business with new buyers and strengthen existing relationships with his buyers. He said that he was able to meet buyers from 15 countries which in essence have helped him to cut on costs which he would otherwise have used to travel to these countries to meet the clients.

Dr. Deborah Ghione from NIRP International appreciated the organisers of the event saying that it was very important for her firm to meet their customers from all over the world in just three days. She said that besides clinching several orders the event provided the firm with the opportunity to exhibit their new varieties. She predicted a rosy future for the flower industry following increased global consumption.

Mr. Alejandro Martinez, Executive Director of Expoflora-Ecuadorian Association of Flower Exporters- appreciated the fact that growers and exporters are coming together to form associations which is good for the flower industry. He said consumers do not care so much where the flowers come from as long as they are of good quality and have been sustainably grown. He said that there is a huge market growth and expansion. He said
that the goal of the industry should be to increase consumption of flowers worldwide. This would be through production of high quality flowers, competitive pricing and understanding the flower needs of new clients especially the younger generation. He called for closer cooperation among stakeholders in the industry whose goal should not be to compete against each other but to concentrate on expanding the market.

Mr. Hector Pedreros Velasquez from Columbia observed that Kenya, Columbia and Ecuador are the major producers of cut flowers but unfortunately they remain price takers. He urged stakeholders-producers, customers and logistics to share information to further develop and facilitate trade in flowers. He said the show provided him with the opportunity to find out about market requirements which will inform him of what to grow and how to grow it.






Vijfhuizen, Monday November 9, 2015. The 6th edition of IFTF grew to a peak towards the last day of the show. Both exhibitors as well as visitors were extremely satisfied with the demand and supply at the trade show at Expo Haarlemmermeer in Vijfhuizen, Holland. With a very crowded first day, the high attendance continued on the second day to finish off on the last day with another crowded day. Over 27.000 trade visitors attended the three day expo. Together with the 253 exhibiting companies, the number of participating countries totaled this year 128.

The atmosphere was great and a clear positive business buzz was going around the show. The number of new buyers, and especially the number of new (far away) countries from where these buyers came from, was remarkable. It was also noticeable that Russian buyers were present in considerable lower number. However, overall were the number of visitors was again higher than in 2014 and especially the quality of visitors was of a high content. Everybody was happy and some even were surprised by the excellent turn out of this edition of the trade fair.





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