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Nairobi June 17, 2106. The fifth edition of IFTEX that was held last week in Nairobi Kenya, concluded as one of the best editions in its five years existence. More than 200 exhibiting companies, over 3.500 trade visitors from over 50 countries on a total floor space of 10.000 m2’s, reaffirmed the great importance of this yearly held international flower trade exhibition. Exhibitors were more than satisfied with the results of their participation and immediately secured their stand spaces for next year, many asking for more space and/or better stand positions.

Several prices were awarded to exhibiting companies for the Best Stand Decoration Competition. Bronze was awarded to the Kenyan grower Redlands, Silver was there for Black Tulip, Gold for Subati and Platinum for Omang, all-in the category Perishables. In the category Non Perishables, Bronze went to the Kenyan company Greenlife, Silver to the Dutch based company Broekhof, Gold was there for the Israeli company Amiran and Platinum for Agrichem.

The 20th year anniversary of KFC (the Kenya Flower Council) was one of the highlights of this year’s show, and during a great dinner party held on Tuesday evening just before the opening of the fair, KFC presented its new association logo. The official exhibition party, also on the occasion of the 5th year’s anniversary of IFTEX, took place at Zen Garden on the second day of the fair, where participants had a wonderful evening in a beautiful garden setting with excellent food & drinks.

IFTEX 2017 dates are set for June 7-9, Oshwal Center, Westlands, Nairobi, Kenya.





It is a great pleasure to welcome you to the 5th edition of the International Flower Trade Expo IFTEX to be held at the Oshwal Center in Nairobi, Kenya. In its 5th year of existence, the exhibition already reached the number one position of being the largest cut flower trade fair in Africa, but will this year as well become the largest cut flower trade exhibition in the world. Thanks to the impressive floriculture industry that Kenya has built up in the past decades, the trade fair had the chance to grow to the size it has now. Besides IFTEX, The Kenya Flower Council KFC, is celebrating this year its 20th anniversary.

Well over 200 companies are exhibiting and more than 4,000 national and international trade visitors are expected to attend, a 15% increase, bringing the number of participating countries this year to at least 50. Exhibiting companies will include growers, exporters, brokers, breeders, propagators, and other suppliers of the flower industry. Visitors will include especially flower buyers that will fly in from all over the world, and is the prime target group on the attendance part of the fair. The exhibition itself has grown another 10% in size and will for this reason accommodate about 10% more exhibitors.

The location of the event will again be the Oshwal Center in Nairobi. A stylish building with a beautiful surrounding, perfectly suitable for this type of event. Besides sufficient exhibition space and thus enough room to grow, the in-house as well as this year’s new additional parking facilities outside the compound are excellent.

Kenya is, despite the world’s unstable economical and financial environment, still one of the few countries in the world where the floriculture industry is growing. A strong, healthy, stable sector and as a result fully capable of supplying any flower sourcing buyer with high quality flowers, year round.

The special focus of exhibitors this year will be on finding new customers in order to increase exports. Many first time buyers are expected to attend this year from especially China, Russia, USA, Japan, Middle East and South East Asia, all new big potential flower consuming countries and regions that are looking more and more especially for Kenyan grown flowers. With a high number of pre-registered attending buyers, exhibitor’s expectations are set high on a good turn out this year. And because of the presence of nearly all Kenyan flowers growers at this year’s IFTEX, the fair should be able to present an almost complete showcase to its attending buyers of what Kenya has to offer in terms of flowers.

The farm tour to Navaisha, the meetings of Ciopora and IRBA, IFTEX’s 5th year and KFC’s 20th year anniversaries, and last but not least the trade fair itself, emphasize the importance of this event for the World Floriculture Industry. More over an event where every flower buyer can source all its flower needs for 2016 and 2017.

I like to thank all exhibitors and visitors for participating in IFTEX and I look forward to meet everyone in person at IFTEX during Kenya’s Flower Week.

With best regards,

Dick van Raamsdonk
General Director
HPP Exhibitions













IFTEX 2016

Nairobi, Wednesday May 19, 2016. Five years ago IFTEX was initially set up to assist flower growers to find markets around the globe to where they could export their flowers to. This goal has not only always been the main purpose of the trade fair, but at the same time the most difficult one. In good times and in bad times it has always been a challenge to bring producers in touch with buyers of flowers.

Whether you use an exhibition as a tool to bring growers to the countries where the flowers are being sold, or to bring buyers to the countries where the flower are being produced, it is never a certainty that a fair will live up to its expectations. As much as a successful result from a fair is always unclear to the exhibitor for some time, it is always as well unclear to the organizer, no matter how much has been written about its importance or success before or after the exhibition. It is simply always the one million dollar question what will bring it to the exhibitor in the end.

At this moment there are still many challenges in the world, in the international flower industry and consequently in the Kenyan flower industry, making it not easy for growers nor related suppliers to be satisfied and optimistic. But at the same time it is a show case like IFTEX that in these unstable times reconfirm the existence of a strong industry, ready to supply the world with fresh high quality flowers whenever the demand is there. And that is where buyers are looking for, as they also need the re assurance of the availability of their sources, so that they can count with them. Especially new markets that are knocking the door, such as Russia, US and China offer real new opportunities and can contribute to long term growth and thus stability of the Kenyan flower sector. Therefore the record number of more than 200 participating flower growers and related suppliers at this year’s IFTEX shows a strong and healthy sector and is of great importance to what could well be the next big step in Kenya’s mission of becoming the biggest fresh cut flower producer & exporter of the world.










Nairobi, Friday May 4, 2016. The number of pre-registered visitors for the upcoming IFTEX are until now at the same level as last year. However it looks like the quality of the already registered attendees is considerably higher, meaning that we might see buyers coming in from new as well as existing important flower buying countries, such as China, USA, Russia and Japan.

With a record number of exhibiting Kenyan growers, this would be a great attraction to the visiting flower buyers. Having the chance to meet and see nearly all Kenyan flower growers in just 3 days at 1 place, is the best result one can expect from a flower sourcing trip. With still one month to go before the exhibition will open, the expectations on a successful (fifth) edition are therefore set high!






Nairobi, Friday May 4, 2016. IFTEX has welcomed its 200th exhibitor in this year’s IFTEX. It is almost ironic that the participation of Ethiopian flower growers helped the exhibition to an all-time high number of 200 exhibitors. But with this result the exhibition has reached the top 3 of the world’s biggest specialized international cut flower trade exhibitions.

The exhibition has grown another 10% in size this year and all 7 halls are full with growers and flower related companies from Kenya and many other countries around the world. To say the event has reached a point of occupying a regional position for the African flower sector is yet maybe a bridge too far, but it is certainly going into that direction, according to the organizers.






HPP Exhibitions is inviting you to participate in a sponsored flower sourcing trade mission to Kenya. Attending the 5th edition of IFTEX, the International Flower Trade Expo, which will be held in Nairobi Kenya from Wednesday the 8th to Friday the 10th of June, will be a major part of the programme where more than 95% of the existing Kenyan flower growers will participate in. Any US based flower importer will be entitled to apply for qualification to enter into this sponsored programme, organized by HPP International Exhibitions group B.V.

The programme will start on Monday June 6 or Tuesday June 7 (depending on your individual preference of arrival) and include:

  1. Free Personal pick up from Nairobi International airport upon arrival and departure by HPP hired cars and staff.
  2. Free hotel stay in the 5 star hotel Jacaranda hotel in Nairobi up to 4 or 5 nights (depending on your arrival), including breakfast.
  3. Free Nairobi Safari Tour on Tuesday June 7.
  4. Free visit to IFTEX Expo on Wednesday June 8 and Thursday June 9, including pick up from the hotel to the exhibition center and pick up for return to the hotel.
  5. Free flower farm tour in air-conditioned bus to 2 major flower production areas in Kenya on Friday June 10 and Saturday June 11.
  6. Free Invitation to the official exhibition cocktail party on Thursday evening June 9 on the occasion of the 5th edition of IFTEX, including transportation from and to hotel.

In other words, you basically only need to buy your return air ticket to Nairobi and pay for your individual consumptions, lunches & dinners only. Other expenses, as mentioned in the here above 6 points, are covered.

For questions and remarks please send us a mail. The offer is limited to a maximum number of participants, so in case you are interested let us know ASAP.

Dick van Raamsdonk
General Manager
HPP Exhibitions

Email: dick@hpp.nl






Nairobi, Friday March 25, 2016. Less than three months before IFTEX is going to take place for the 5th time, the Kenyan based International Flower Trade Exhibition has grown into one of the most important cut flower trade events in the world. It took just 5 years to accomplish this mission. With a record number of over 200 exhibiting flower related companies this year, IFTEX will be more attractive than ever before. Exhibit space has doubled since the first edition back in 2012 and will again increase this year with 20% compared to last year, mainly as a result of more exhibiting Kenyan flower growers. The number of exhibiting companies at this moment stands at 173 and it is expected to easily reach 200 by June.

Because of the 5th anniversary of IFTEX, the 20th year anniversary of the Kenyan Flower council KFC and the various simultaneously held meetings of different floriculture related international organizations, such as Union Fleurs, this year’s IFTEX Expo is going to be accompanied with many side activities. The organizers have launched a strong international campaign to especially attract new flower buyers to attend the show in June. “As part of our visitor promotion efforts we are trying to get a delegation of US flower buyers to visit Kenya in June, so we continue promoting African flowers into the US market”, said Dick van Raamsdonk in Los Angeles last week during World Floral Expo.






Beware of "Exitors Housing Management" This company is offering hotel services as part of IFTEX. IFTEX nor ANY OTHER exhibition organized and/or managed by HPP Exhibitions is related to Exhibitors Housing Managerment in any way. Please contact our partner hotels directly for safe hotel bookings.






Nairobi, Monday June 15, 2015. The 4th edition of the Kenyan based flower exhibition IFTEX ended Friday June 5th with good results for all participating companies. Although less international flower buyers attended the show, the quality of visitors was high resulting in a good overall outcome, according to exhibitors. 223 exhibiting companies and 2,778 participants attended the three day fair, that was held in the Oshwal Center in Westlands in Nairobi.

The quality as well as the number of varieties of displayed flowers was astonishing, bringing the trade fair again to a higher level. National and international visitors walked the show for 3 days in a row and filled the aisles daily from 10:00 am in the morning until closing time of the show at 6:00 pm. Even on the last day it was a full house until in the late afternoon. In short, IFTEX once more proved to be one of world’s leading flower trade shows.

The opening of the 4th edition of IFTEX was done by first lady, Her Excellency Margaret Kenyatta, of Kenya. She was honored by a new pink rose being named after her: “Lady Margaret”.

The awards for the participants in the different quality competitions this year went to the following companies:

-The Best Flowers Quality Award for Breeders in the category “Cut flowers, excluding roses”: Gold was there for Danziger with Gypsophila “My Pink”.

-The Best Flowers Quality Awards for Breeders in the category “Roses”: Bronze was there for Olij Breeding Ltd with the Standard Rose “Long Island”. Silver was there for Select Breeding B.V. with the standard rose ”Mon Amour”. Gold was for Preesman HBV Kenya LTD with the standard rose “New Orleans” and finally Platinum was awarded to De Ruiter East Africa Ltd with the standard rose “Rhodos”.

-The Best Flowers Quality Awards for Growers in the category ”Cut Flowers, excluding roses”: Bronze was there for Elpis Farms with Hypericum “Green Power”. Silver was there for Multgrow Investments with Eryngium “Magical Anita”. Gold was for Oserian Development Company with Phlox “White Cap”. Finally Platinum was given to Utee State with an Eastern Hybrid Lilium “Double Surprise”.

-The Best Flowers Quality Awards in the category “Roses”: Bronze was there for Uhuru Flowers Ltd with the standard rose “Tiara”. Silver was there for Subati Flowers Limited with the spray rose “Shivani”. Gold was for Amor/Omang with the standard rose “Wild Look”. Finally Platinum was given to Ayana with the standard rose “Tycoon”.

The next and 5th edition of IFTEX will take place from June 8 to June 10, 2016. It will be a special edition of IFTEX, as several celebrations and important meetings will coincide with the fair. Besides the 5th anniversary of IFTEX, also the Kenya Flower Council will celebrate its 20th anniversary and Union Fleurs will hold its General Meeting during the week when IFTEX will take place.





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