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Beware of Possible Hotel Fraud

There are 'unofficial' companies aggressively pursuing attendees/exhibitors to book discounted hotel rooms through their company. Unfortunately, some past attendees/exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies and have either:

  • Been relocated with little or no warning
  • Lost their significant deposits
  • Not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked
  • Not had the hotel they thought they had booked
  • etc.

This has caused great hardship to these companies and individuals. Reservations made through an agency will be at your own risk. We advise you to book directly with hotels and not through a third party.

Such companies should be avoided, as there are no agencies affiliated to HPP Exhibitions, other than those mentioned on our website!





Third edition of IFTF World of Flowers welcomes more florists

Green Team Consultancy+ has organized the third edition of the IFTF World of Flowers between the 2nd and 4th of November 2016. Inspiration and connection has been coupled successfully again. Where last year almost 700 florists have been visiting, this year the event has welcomed around 900. An increase of more than 30%!

Co-operation of Florint, Flower Lab and companies
Central in this edition has been the inspirational and floral world of 500 m2 in the new hall of the International Floriculture and International Trade Fair (IFTF) in the Expo Haarlemmermeer. In this world florists and other visitors got to learn the world of the Millennial in the Flower Lab. Through a visual tour, theme displays and demonstrations by the florists present, a connection between theory and practice has been made. Meeting the companies and Florint was often followed by a visit to the Royal FloraHolland Trade Fair or one of the open houses during the week.

The following sponsors have greatly contributed to the success of this edition of the IFTF World of Flowers:: Smithers Oasis, Florismart, HPP, Bloomtube, Chrysal, Vanad, Bloomy Pro, Ai2, Strelitzia Software, Barendsen, Fidrio, Jodeco Glass, Your Lily, Queens Flowers, Marginpar, Arendshoeve, Verhagen Transport, Mobach, Adomex, Agricola el Cactus, Holla Roses, Andromeda, Bouman Anthurium, Simply Calla, Hein van Hemert, Benefits of Nature, Floramedia, Royal van Zanten, Special Orchids, van der Lugt Lisianthus, Vreeken Bouvardia, Vannova, Winco, Alflora, Lehner Wolle, Favicon, Coloured by Gerbera, Let it Grow, Kenia smallholders, van der Plas, Schoneveld Breeding, Parfum Flower Company, VGB, Athi Gravity (Kenia), Saruwo Self Help Group (Kenia), Mustafa Flora (Kenia), Munyu Floriculture Ltd (Kenia), Tegmak (Kenia), Kimakis (Kenia) en Wackx.

Wim Hazelaar Trophy
12 candidates, 7 assignments and 2 days’ competition. The first edition of the new Wim Hazelaar Trophy has been a great success. Many IFTF visitors came to the competition and many pictures have been taken of the beautiful arrangements made by the competitors.

Karin Pasman received on Thursday afternoon the Mobach Wim Hazelaar Trophy, the price of €250, made possible by Smithers Oasis and the Bloomtube video price. Competitors, Jury and Ruud Hazelaar were unanimous: the competition should have a new edition in 2017!

Communicating with the future
The IFTF welcomed 200 children (11-12 years old) during the fair. Next to a tour through the World of Flowers, where they were welcomed by the florists Michael van Namen, Dini Holtrop and Lily Beelen, they entered in to a Dialogue with each other and the sector.

Central topic during these dialogues was the connection between the sector and the future. All students were unanimous in their opinion: the floricultural sector can create a lot of interest with children. The first step was to welcome them to the fair! Furthermore, very welcome suggestions were given by the children, which will be taken further by the organization of the World of Flowers.
Fourth edition of IFTF World of Flowers?

The experience in 2016 gives many options to Green Team Consultancy+ and it’s sponsors to organize a fourth edition. Next year the IFTF will be organized from the 8th till the 10th of November, which gives the florist a better chance to visit, as this is a better period with All Saints being out of the way.

The second edition of the Wim Hazelaar Trophy will be organized and on the 9th of December 2016 a follow-up will be giving to the youth Dialogue, when a meeting is organized in the Circular Expo together with the Missing Chapter Foundation.





IFTF Ready for the next level.

Vijfhuizen, November 8, 2016. Overall results of the 7th edition of IFTF can be concluded as fully satisfactory. According to exhibitors the trade fair was well attended. Especially the first and last day the aisles were very crowded. Almost 25,000 national and international visitors were counted at the fair that consisted this year of 276 national and international exhibitors. Although the number of visitors went down with about 7.5%, the quality was high according to exhibiting companies. Positive comments were also received from attending visitors that were impressed by the quality of stands, designs and flowers on display.

Although weather conditions contributed positively to the number of visitors, a light negative influence could be noted because of the fair dates being so close to All Saints' day and All Souls' day. This might likely explain why the numbers were a bit down this year, especially from visitors from Spain, Germany and France, according to the organizers.

It has been agreed between the management of both fairs RFHTF and IFTF that the dates for next year will be moved forward with a week, i.e. from Wednesday November 8 to Friday 10, since otherwise the dates of All Saints' day and All Souls' day would even partly overlap the dates of both fairs in 2017.





Karin Pasman winner of the Wim Hazelaar trophy 2016

On Thursday at the IFTF World of Flowers, Karin Pasman has received the Wim Hazelaar trophy. Karin showed herself totally surprised and was very proud of her trophy. Karin can cherish the Mobach Ceramics vase for a year. Also Karin received from the hands of Chris Martens (Smithers Oasis Benelux) a check of € 250, -. Joan Stam offered her a demonstration through the channel of BloomTube. Dennis Lanzaat and Joyce Brueren were second and third.

Jury chairman Johan Licher was enthusiastic about the participants. The total scores of the numbers 1, 2 and 3 were very close to each other. Very nice arrangements have been made and he particularly encouraged the young participants to continue to participate in competitions. By competing in these events one will improve himself work and his quality as a florist or arranger. Besides Johan Licher, the jury existed of Johan Martens, Jan van der Heyden and Herco van Loon. Herco van Loon won the Wim Hazelaar trophy in 2014.

Organizer Ruud Hazelaar was very pleased about this edition of the Wim Hazelaar trophy. The participants were a mixed group which marched together in the two days. We worked hard on the given assignments and beautiful pieces have been made. The participants had to make an Advent wreath and an oasis heart. They also had to make a piece with the hazelaar (Corylus). The participants were able to use the sponsored materials from Adomex, Marginpar, Queens Flower and Your Lily. The IFTF fair with its international audience was a great opportunity to organize this competition. Many visitors have visited the location of the participants in Hall C and had a conversation with one or more participants. Ruud looks forward tos to organize again such a creative and inspiring competition.

More information you will find at Facebook: http://www.greenteamconsultancy.com/world-of-flowers





IFTF paving the road for the future.

Vijfhuizen, Wednesday 26 October, 2016. Exactly in 1 week, on Wednesday the 2nd of November, IFTF Expo will open its doors for its 7th edition, this year with a much larger area to accommodate all companies that have applied for exhibit space in this annual held international trade fair for the world floriculture industry.

For years the demand for space has been higher than what was available, but since last month the venue has been finally able to almost double its space capacity, from 13.000 m2 to 25.000 m2. For this reason the average size of the exhibition will grow with 30% already for this year. The number of exhibiting companies will as a direct result touch the 275 this year and can, with the extension of 12.000 m2, further grow to an estimated 500 exhibiting companies in the coming two years. The organizers of IFTF are very happy that they have decided to invest also in this year’s extension and trust that it will bring already more international exhibiting companies and trade visitors to the fair this year.

The first week of November in Holland, when the international floriculture trade traditionally gets together, is and remains the most important week and country in Europe to be present when it comes to exhibitions and open houses of the world floriculture industry. No other European based floriculture trade event is more diverse in suppliers and buyers, when it comes to the production and trade of flowers and plants, according to Dick van Raamsdonk, spokesman of IFTF.

More information such as registering online, free bus shuttle services between Aalsmeer and Amsterdam, Open houses overview and various other exhibition related information can be found on www.iftf.nl.





BEWARE of FAIRGuide & Expo-Guide!

Under no circumstances should you sign anything indicating you will become part of an "exhibition directory" that will list your company's products and services, if the letter is sent to you by FAIRGUIDE an/or CONSTRUCT DATA VERLAG.

This company is not connected to the International Floriculture Trade Fair (IFTF) nor ANY OTHER exhibition organized and/or managed by HPP Exhibitions.




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