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 I just wanted to say what a
great time I had at the Expo! Great vendors, great designers, great presentations. My expectations
were exceeded by leaps and
bounds. Thank you so much
for having me!

Flowers by Triawn
Willamina, OR - USA

 There are not many shows
worth being excited about...
this one is worth being
excited about.

Mellano & Co.
Los Angeles, CA - USA

 This show is better
than expected... a lot of
i nterest in unusual,
not everyday flowers.

Florabundance Inc.
Carpinteria, CA - USA


Latest News!

World Floral Expo to stay in Las Vegas in 2018!

Las Vegas, Wednesday March 29, 2017. Management of the international floral trade show “World Floral Expo” which was held last week in pavilion 2 of the World Market Center of Las Vegas, decided this week to host another edition in Las Vegas next year. Following the results of this year’s World Floral Expo, the choice for Las Vegas for 2018 was already made during the show.

The show was very well attended, especially on the first two days. Both exhibitors and visitors were very satisfied with the results. “Every trade show needs at least one good day and we had two good days. There was great buzz going around with lots of buyers walking the show, from the moment it opened until almost the end of the day ”. “That gives you that great feeling as organizer that the show will be a success”, a spokesman of the exhibition management said.

One of the surprising elements of this year was the vast number of flower growers exhibiting in this year’s edition of World Floral Expo . More than 90% of all exhibiting companies were flower growers and that can be called an all-time high. For this reason this edition can be called a real “grower to buyer” trade event. It was a real opportunity for flower buyers to source fresh cut flowers from the main flower producing countries, i.e. The USA, Ecuador, Colombia, Kenya and Ethiopia. Having the show in one of the most exciting cities in the USA, allowing everyone to combine business and pleasure by setting very attractive show hours, made many visitors decide to stay longer in the city and therefore attend the show 2 or even 3 days.

World Floral Expo will be held again next year from March 7 to 9 in Pavilion 2 of the World Market Center in Las Vegas.





USA Cut Flower Industry needs Imports & World Floral Expo Pre-Registered Attendees up 50%

Las Vegas, Friday March 10, 2017. World Floral Expo is the right show to attend when sourcing fresh cut flowers for the US market that are grown both inside and outside the USA. Although California is the main state where high quality flowers are being grown and distributed from, availability of some type of flowers keep depending on imports.

One important flower that the USA must continue to import from abroad, is the rose. It will be on display at the show and many varieties will be flown in from the 4 main rose producing countries, i.e. Ecuador, Kenya, Colombia and Ethiopia. A flower which availability is nearly fully depending on imports from these nations. The growing of roses in the USA is limited to an estimated total cultivation area of 100+ hectares and for this reason USA flower growers are not able to supply home demand for this type of flower.

Although Ecuador and Colombia are the traditional suppliers of roses to the USA, Kenyan and Ethiopian imports are increasing rapidly and starting to compete with South American flowers. With the planned new direct flights from Kenya to the USA, starting this June, and the already existing flights out of Ethiopia to New York, Los Angeles and Washington, the USA will have 4 supplying countries from 2 continents for roses.

World Floral Expo is opening in less than 2 weeks and with preregistration numbers increasing fast, a visit to Las Vegas, while combining business and pleasure, will be a very attractive trip to consider. With show hours being from 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. during the 3-day trade show, there is plenty of time to fulfill both your flower sourcing needs as well as enjoying quality time in one of the most exciting cities of the USA.





World Floral Expo - Las Vegas Edition

In less than 2 months World Floral Expo 2017 will take place in one of the most exciting cities in the USA, Las Vegas. This year the US based Floral trade show will be held in one of the 3 pavilions located next to the World Market Center. The choice for Las Vegas this year is the result of many talks between exhibitors and organizers now and in the past on taking Las Vegas as trade show destination.

The number of registrations of visiting floral buyers is growing by the day and also several floral business groups have confirmed their attendance already. IFD is e.g. holding their Spring owners meeting in Las Vegas in conjunction with the show and also several big group of large retailers will fly to Las Vegas to attend the fair. The majority of the exhibitors so far are flower growers from California, Alaska, Ecuador, Colombia, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya and Holland.

Besides the trade show itself, Daily floral workshops will be part of the side program activities and together flower design shows offered by a Dutch floral design team. Also the well know flower industry expert J.M.H. Schwanke will do a presentation on the latest trends in flowers.





The United States, the main market for Ecuadorian flowers

It is expected that the US will be the main export market for flowers for Valentine’s Day 2017, as it has historically happened. Cuttings will start on Sunday, January 22, according to Expoflores, especially of flowers, which will be sent to different destinations in the world and marketed until February 14. Although the guild will know the figures for sales projections and placement in markets on Tuesday, through talks with the managers of the farms, it has been determined that Valentine´s season will be similar to that of 2016.

Between January 27 and February 10, 2016, 11,752 tons of flowers were exported. The US market captured the 59% of the total, followed by the European Union (EU) with a 38.6% (this market did not grow in exports compared to 2015). This reality is observed in the same exporting companies such as Qualisa, which has two farms located in Cayambe, in the north of Pichincha, and which exports flowers in more than 50 markets around the world. For the Day of Love, the company will ship 50% of its offer to the US, 30% to Europe and the rest to other countries.

On Thursday, January 12, the 105 field workers, who are part of a total of 330, were verifying that the flowers to be cut for the Valentine´season, which is expected to start on January 24 on these farms, were in perfect condition. 80 000 flowers per day will be shipped, about 20 000 more than on regular days. On the peak days, 100 000 flowers will be sent. In 2016 Qualisa exported 1.8 million flowers, and the amount is expected to be similar in 2017.

Source: EcuadorTimes.net / January 19th, 2017
Photo credit: Paúl Rivas / El Comercio





Presentation: Flower trends of today!

DATE: Thursday March 23, 2017
TIME: 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

What are the current Trends in Flowers and Flower Design for today?

Learn more about Trends that are driving sales and appealing to customers from Flower Industry Expert J Schwanke, Author of the the uBloom Trend Synthesis®- the most popular and widely distributed 100% objective Trend Report in the world of flowers. Download you copy of uBloom® 2017 Trend Synthesis at www.uBloom.com/Trends2017

Register online to attend the presentation.





uBloom® 2017 Trend Synthesis

The World's Most Popular Flower Trend Report

Download your FREE Copy -6 Pages of Flowers- Colors, Ribbons, Arrangements & More: www.uBloom.com/Trends2017




Beware of Possible Hotel Fraud

There are 'unofficial' companies aggressively pursuing attendees/exhibitors to book discounted hotel rooms through their company. Unfortunately, some past attendees/exhibitors have fallen prey to these companies and have either:

  • Been relocated with little or no warning
  • Lost their significant deposits
  • Not had the guest rooms they thought they had booked
  • Not had the hotel they thought they had booked
  • etc.

This has caused great hardship to these companies and individuals. Reservations made through an agency will be at your own risk. We advise you to book directly with hotels and not through a third party.

Such companies should be avoided, as there are no agencies affiliated to HPP Exhibitions, other than those mentioned on our website!






HPP Exhibitions recently decided to move the next edition of WFE from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. The yearly held International flower trade show was back in 1999 held for the first time in the Big Apple and has since then called in at several US cities. Having previously chosen for major cities, like New York, Miami, Chicago and Los Angeles, HPP now hopes that building up the show in Las Vegas, (again) in a greenhouse look alike tent, will give the extra sprit to fresh flower buyers to attend WFE17 .

The trade show found a great, unique and very appropriate location at the World Marker Center in Pavilion 2. A huge air conditioned air conditioned tent of 135.000 square feet will be the venue where the show will take place, surrounded by 4.000 available parking spaces in the vicinity of down town Las Vegas. Entering he pavilion is like coming into a greenhouse and creates the right ambiance for a fresh flower trade show. The very first flower trade show HPP organized in 1999 in the Jacob J. Javits Center of New York, was also held in a greenhouse look alike tent and became a great success at the time. The pavilion displayed a perfect atmosphere and was soon renamed “the greenhouse”. The organizers expect to be able to create again the same kind of great ambiance in pavilion 2 of the World Market Center in Las Vegas and are therefore very excited about this unusual unique location.

Besides the trade show itself, life flower design demonstrations on stage will be offered. Furthermore, floral design workshops for florists, retailers & event planners as well as seminars on various current floral topics will be part of the programme surrounding the trade show itself.



 Wednesday March 22

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 Thursday March 23

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 Friday March 24

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