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Katharina Albrechtsen baptizes a new Rose Belle Katharina+

On Thursday 21st of June, Katharina Albrechtsen, a Danish florist, has given her name to a new Dummen Orange rose: Belle Katharina+. In a well-attended gathering, Katharina has baptized the rose together with Pini Cohen from Decofresh Roses.

The Belle Katharina+ is a sandy coloured rose with pink and green spots. The heart has a so-called “stormy” shape, giving each rose a unique look and feel. Combined with the excellent opening of the flower, the Belle Katharina+ is very suitable for weddings and special bouquets. The rose is grown by Omang, one of the growers in the Decofresh Roses group. The nursery is located in Kenya, at a height of more than 2.000 m and the Belle Katharina+ is traded exclusively through Decofresh Roses

Katharina Albrechtsen has received the name giving as an extra award, sponsored by Decofresh Roses. The award was part of the Wim Hazelaar Trofee 2017, in which she reached the fourth place. The Wim Hazelaar Trofee is organized by Green Team Consultancy+ as part of the the World of Flowers at the IFTF in Vijfhuizen, the Netherlands. The Wim Hazelaar Trofee will also be organized in 2018 (7-9 November) by Ruud Hazelaar in cooperation with Green Team Consultancy+. Interested to participate in the competition get in touch through More information on the World of Flowers  send you mail to


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