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More prices for Wim Hazelaar Trofee

Dutch florists Peter van de Velde and Linda Verbeek offer Wim Hazelaar trofees number three and number four extra prices. It is important to stimulate florist to develop constantly.

November 7 and 8 twelve international florists are battling for the Wim Hazelaar trofee. At the IFTF in Vijfhuizen the Netherlands, everybody can walk in and follow the competition. The competitors of 2018 are:

  1. Tanja van Bijlevelt (NL)
  2. Jonas Jensen (De)
  3. Tarmo Noormets (Ee)
  4. Annet van der Welle (NL)
  5. Thijs Harmens (NL)
  6. Sandra Attema Welte (NL)
  7. Dan Xavier (De)
  8. Hong Chae Hee (Kor)
  9. Veslemøy Gundersen (No)
  10. Ioana Zachia-Zlatea (Ro)
  11. Hong Chae Hee (Kor)
  12. Harvey Haak (NL)

In two days the competitors make seven assignments with the material the organization arranged. Thursday evening November 8th the winner will be known and he or she will receive the Mobach trofee, € 750,- price money of Smithers Oasis and a tutorial on Bloomtube channel.

Two Dutch florists offer extra prices for the number two and number three of Wim Hazelaar trofee. Peter van de Velde and Linda Verbeek offer € 200,- to the second best and € 100,- to number three. ‘Competitions amongst florist are important for all florists. Developing yourself all the time is ‘’a must’’ these times a specially in our profession. Joining competitions means you are developing and improving yourself. The competition Wim Hazelaar trofee is a wonderful initiative at a great moment. The international flowering business meets each other at this moment in November. And florists are an important part of this business. Florists make consumers appreciate flowers and plants. And it is their job consumers never get bored of it. We like florist to improve themselves without limits. This is why we offer number two and number three this extra price and say: ‘keep up the good work’.


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Wednesday Nov. 7, 2018
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